Signing off ...

Sporting Times had a good run, but the doors are now closed. I had a healthy old debate about how much of the content I wanted to leave online and decided that none was probably appropriate. Part of this is wanting to roll some of the content into a new project without eyebrows being raised about prior online publication, and part is wanting to simply let this go once and for all without being tempted to write on the site again. That said I have saved it all, including many thousands of pictures of Sporting Park during and even before construction and many articles that proved to be very popular with fans within this community and beyond. It will be fun to look back on in the future.

I will return to writing MLS one day I hope, at a time when my children are old enough to not dominate all my time, when I have the ability to breath in the evenings without somebody needing a new diaper or more milk. I appreciate all the thousands of comments, page shares, like button pushes, emails and hand shakes over the last few years. It always was a pleasure to write for this community, it was very rewarding to do so. That said I am not gone, the weekly Sporting KC Soccer podcast Kick the Ball has proven to be a very popular outlet for me, literally thousands of people download each episode these days which is honestly staggering but a lot of fun. We’ll continue to develop the content and format as time permits and we’ll see where it takes us. I also continue to be a grumpy bastard on Twitter.

Either way, it has been a blast - and thank you for sharing your time with me at Sporting Times. It really was fun and we had a pretty good thing there for a while.


James Starritt

PS … you can still get the On This Day stuff by following @Sporting_Times on Twitter.

PPS … if you want to blog Sporting do us all a solid favor and keep the following in mind:

Produce content because what you do is better/different than what currently exists. The pride you take in your work will get you the attention you desire. An unbending emphasis on quality, impartiality and the courage to speak your mind is what is all people want, not squabbles over who was first or who predicted what. None of that matters … nobody cares. Just write because you love it, and if you do not .. don’t. It always shows.